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Operational Excellence
June 20-21,
Houston, TX

Reduce Risk. Optimize Performance. Achieve True Operational Excellence.

June 20-21, 2017 – Houston, Texas

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How do you consistently deliver operational excellence in today's complex, highly regulated industries? Join us in Houston, June 2017, to learn first-hand how some of the most successful organizations worldwide manage operational risk and effectively optimize safety, efficiency, and operational integrity.

Walk away with 6 key insight to help your organization drive world-class business performance:

  • Gain an understanding of how top operating companies are approaching Operational Excellence
  • Discover best practices of benchmarking and lessons learned
  • Learn how to align work processes to maximize facility availability (i.e. maintenance, safety, production, reliability)
  • Reduce unplanned outages, process upsets, and profit losses
  • Improve your safety culture and operational discipline
  • Better manage your operational risks to achieve operational integrity


Download OE Conference Brochure & Agenda  

Day One / Magnolia Room

  • 8:00 – Welcome from Operational Sustainability

  • 8:15 – Morning Keynote: The Journey to Operational Excellence

    Presenter: BP

    Like the majority of energy companies, BP must address low margins and the retiring workforce to continue to safely and reliably operate. In spite of increasing operating cost pressures, BP will share new ways that it is transforming its operations. This philosophy is anchored on the principals of BP's Operations Excellence Framework. We will share the background, successes, challenges, and vision going forward as we continue to evolve this operating philosophy.

  • 9:30 – Achieving OE through Sustainable Risk Management and Process Monitoring

    Presenter: ERM

    OE is achieved through the consistent management and execution of effective, repeatable processes, and deliberate risk management. It can be difficult to achieve, much less maintain, without a measurable and actionable definition of OE. Attendees will learn how companies who exhibit recognized and sustained operational excellence use strategies based on structured management systems and defined business processes – along with tools to enable those processes – to provide the necessary insight for tracking, measuring, analyzing, and acting.

  • 10:30 – Break

  • 10:45 – Using Asset Integrity & Reliability Data to Drive an Integrated Risk Management Framework

    Presenter: Aladon

    Attendees will explore best practices in data driven asset integrity and reliability as a part of a comprehensive integrated risk management framework. This presentation will explore emerging best practices and methodologies to maximize the uptime of equipment and to maintain the integrity of the assets. Learn from real world examples and key insights.

  • 11:45 – Lunch Keynote: Operational Integrity

    Presenter: SAP

    SAP is working with OS to deliver a new integrated offering for Operational Integrity. This presentation will share the benefits of the solution and how the framework addresses the needs of the process industries.

  • 1:15 – Building Vision and Culture for Rapid Implementation of Operational Excellence Solutions

    Presenter: The International Group, Inc.

    Hear the first hand account of one company's journey to identify issues, address health and safety needs, and implement a common vision and process. With Operational Excellence as the goal, and faced with multiple locations and varying cultures, how do you successfully define a common vision and fast track implementation? Explore lessons learned and outcomes two years into the process.

  • 2:15 – Leverage the Power of AI to Make Your Operations Safer and More Efficient

    Presenter: SparkCognition, Inc.

    Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are not new fields of study, but they have garnered significant media coverage over the past year because these techniques are solving problems that have been previously unsolvable. Attendees will get a brief introduction to AI and ML, and learn how this disruptive technology can improve reliability and safety in ways that traditional approaches cannot.

  • 3:15 – Break

  • 3:30 – Controlling Risk Ranking Variability by Using a Progressive Risk Registry

    Presenter: Operational Sustainability – Vice President, Process Safety

    Risk in the process industries is often overstated or understated due to insufficient information. This is especially true regarding Process Hazards Analyses (PHA) and incident investigations. Compliance audits often reveal risk ranking consistency issues even between identical hazards at the same operating facility. This session introduces the "Progressive Risk Registry" concept for controlling risk variability by integrating industry risk information and company-specific data with modeling.

  • 4:30 – Evening Keynote: Practical Operational Excellence

    Presenter: Operational Sustainability

Day One / Elm Room

  • 8:00 – Magnolia Room

  • 8:15 – Magnolia Room

  • 9:30 – Admitting Human Error in the Workplace – The Mindset Shift to Attaining Operational Resilience

    Presenter: Vetergy

    Attendees will explore the ideas and systems that address effective management of human factors. People do not set out to cause failure – their desire is to succeed – but they are part of a multi-dimensional operating framework. Learn how to preemptively design operational systems and reactively probe causes of failure, then holistically address accountability – not merely fix the actions of an individual – to encompass everything that makes up the operating framework.

  • 10:30 – Break

  • 10:45 – Lessons Learned in Multi-Site OE Systems Implementation and Management

    Presenter: DAK Americas

    Attendees will hear lessons learned through configuring and implementing an integrated PSM management solution to cover incident investigation, MOC, PSSR, and PHA modules. Explore the objectives DAK Americas was seeking to achieve, and the challenges that stemmed from implementing simultaneously in 6 plants. Finally, take a look at the road ahead for DAK in their journey to Operational Excellence.

  • 11:45 – Magnolia Room

  • 1:15 – Managing Change in Relief Device Management

    Presenter: Hess Corporation

    Pressure relief devices are integrity critical safety equipment. Once properly designed and installed, operational and piping changes can impact the ability to meet original design relief specifications. Learn how Hess Corporation prevents issues by using an effective screening tool to determine if a system change may impact the operational capacity of an existing relief device. Explore how we integrate Management of Change with a database of key relief device data to manage a system-wide maintenance work order program.

  • 2:15 – Preventing Incidents, Near Misses and API 754 Compliance

    Presenter: Huntsman Corporation

    Learn how Huntsman Corporation is using integrated data to reduce incidents and near-misses, mitigate unsafe conditions and meet API 754 and OSHA standards. Attendees will see the how the metrics gathered improve insights into behavior and indicate if work is being performed safely or not. This integrated look at incidents uses data points from environmental, process safety, personnel safety, and facility security to provide a clear picture of at risk behavior and insight into conditions that cause a plant operate outside safe upper and lower limits of operation.

  • 3:15 – Break

  • 3:30 – Using a Mobility Mindset to Drive Operational Excellence

    Panel discussion; Hess Corporation, Huntsman Corporation, Operational Sustainability

  • 4:30 – Magnolia Room

Day Two / Magnolia Room

  • 8:00 – Morning Keynote: New Ways to Manage Resource and Workforce Challenges

    Presenter: Verified Market

  • 8:30 – Automating SIS Workflow

    Presenter: Kenexis Consulting Corporation

    This presentation will discuss the requirements for achieving functional safety in accordance with international standard IEC 61511 (ISA 84.00.01 in the US), with a focus on automating the workflow defined in the standard's safety lifecycle using data driven applications. Implementation of the SIS lifecycle is easier using enterprise software that allow data from one phase to be passed automatically to subsequent phases. When the SIS moves into the operation and maintenance phase, integration with management of change and corrective action databases allow for simplified continued compliance.

  • 9:30 – Alarm Management Meets SIS

    Presenter: ProSys

    Alarm floods negatively impact plant operations, yet very little progress has been made to eliminate them. One of the worst contributing factors to this problem is the proliferation of alarms typically configured in a SIS.

    Attendees will see a cohrent, sane approach to SIS alarms, including field examples.

    • Alarm requirements per SIS Standard (ISA-84)
    • Requirements from the Alarm Management standard (ISA 18.2)
    • Potential conflicts between standards
    • Conforming to standards while still having a rational alarming scheme
    • Pitfalls and misconceptions to successful alarm management with SIS
  • 10:30 – Break

  • 10:45 – The New Mobile Landscape

    Presenter: CEO, Operational Sustainability

    More than 4 billion people have a mobile phone or tablet. A significant portion of the workforce will turn over during the next 2-3 years, bringing a dramatic shift in how mobility and the convergence of the Internet of Things affects facilities and processes. Hear how specific applications for mobility coupled with the IT/OT convergence will be game changers for achieving Operational Excellence.

  • 11:45 – Process Safety Culture, Leadership, and Operating Discipline In Pursuit of Operational Excellence

    Presenter: ABS Group

    How do these aspects/issues fit together? How do we confidently assess them and improve them? Where should we start? Learn the answers from real-world examples and then explore how to institutionalize a way to measure and nurture culture in the future. Process safety culture and leadership has been a focal point of US and international efforts to learn from major accidents. Operating discipline, a product of a Conduct of Operations program, has been a sore point for many companies having chronic incidents involving "people did not follow the procedures." Attendees will gain insight into effectively addressing these challenges.

  • 1:15 – Insights into Performance Excellence

    Presenter: Sinclair Group

    When seeking operational excellence, companies often focus on improving systems, processes, and/or behaviors. This view is limiting. We will define performance excellence, offering an alternate view that encompasses business intent and organizational culture, and how their integration with systems and behaviors can dramatically shift business results – results that redefine profitability, production, predictability, and process safety.

  • 2:15 – How to Successfully Implement an EHS Management System

    Presenter: Huco Consulting

    While the individual organizations in asset-intensive industries are unique, collectively they are subject to similar regulations and requirements – especially in the same geographical area and/or industry segment. Learn how to better manage routine EHS responsibilities and risks using proven solutions that go beyond mere compliance and help move companies to OE. Learn how to take advantage of best practices for planning, set up, and support of user-friendly EHS Management Systems.

  • 3:15 – Break

  • 3:30 – Strategic Integration

    Presenter: Vesta Partners

    Strategic integration enables Operational Integrity, a critical component to achieving OE. This presentation, delivered by Vesta Partners, will focus on the real world example of how SAP and OS integrate to enable key data, enhanced governance, and enhanced operational efficiency.

  • 4:30 – Evening Keynote: Applying The Knowledge

    Presenter: Operational Sustainability

    Companies exhibit several recurring keys to success when seeking to achieve Operational Excellence. One of the core needs is architecting successful data management strategies. This presentation will focus on proven best practices and how to ensure that a proper balance is struck between management systems and IT to achieve the desired transformation. New technologies will be discussed including mobility.

Day Two / Elm Room

  • 8:00 – Magnolia Room

  • 8:30 – Workforce Development

    Presenter: Systran, Inc.

    Workforce competency is a key component of OE. Delivering discipline specific content, tied to competency requirements, objective assessment, and a process for continuous improvement must be key aspects to any program. As the needs of industry ebb and flow, effective delivery mechanisms that use the latest technology such as procedure automation, mobile learning access, micro-learning, virtual reality and gamification open new opportunities to meet workforce development and OE needs.

  • 9:30 – Contingent Workforce Development – The Coming Trend

    Presenter: Operational Sustainability

    More than ever, companies have to manage contingent workers to address their needs. Learn how a competency framework helps with assessing skills and getting new staff and contractors up and running quickly and safely. How urgent is the need? For the next 19 years,10,000 people a day will be turn 65 in the U.S. Couple that with the recent downturn in the oil & gas industry and that the average Gen Y knowledge worker will change jobs every 3 years, and you have a recipe for risk and workforce complexity. Ensuring your contingent and contract workforce is ready to safely serve when and where you need them is part of achieving Operational Excellence.

  • 10:30 – Break

  • 10:45 – Simplifying Management Systems to Reduce Risk, Cut Costs, and Enable Growth

    Presenter: Wilson Perumal & Company, Inc.

    Formal management systems have existed since the 1920's and were first popularized with the publishing of the ISO 9000 Quality Management System in 1987. Since that time, countless new management system frameworks have proliferated. While management systems should drive improved performance, in many cases they introduce so much complexity that they have the opposite effect. This presentation will address current trends in management systems and how the best performing companies are reducing operational risk, cutting costs, and enabling new growth.

  • 11:45 – Magnolia Room

  • 1:15 – Enterprise Risk Management / Operational Risk Management

    Presenter: DuPont Sustainable Solutions

    Despite efforts to reduce risk, incidents still happen. Ultimately, reducing incidents is not simply a matter of more effort, but rather better matching the effort to the level of risk. Unfortunately, the biggest challenge with many organizations is the lack of recognition and organizational agreement by leaders on what the top risks truly are. In this presentation, we explore the topic of Operational Risk Management (ORM) within the context of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and show how an effective implementation results in shared understanding of risks, optimized application of resources, and incident reduction.

  • 2:15 – High Def Aerial Acquisition – New Pathways to OE

    Presenter: Element Integrity

    Learn how to incorporate unmanned aerial craft for inspection support. This methodology allows for unparalleled data acquisition far beyond standard visual inspection practices. When you marry real time high definition video and thermal imaging to a robust databse and work management system, you not only improve the quality of inspection, but increase Operational Integrity and positively impact efficiency, cost, and safety.

  • 3:15 – Break

  • 3:30 – Visualization for Asset Information Management

    Presenter: Metanoia Corporation / Operational Sustainability

    Learn how asset intensive companies around the world are managing assets and shrinking workforce knowledge gaps by providing an easy to use graphical environment that dramatically reduces the time and effort needed to identify spare parts and technical documents for maintenance. Explore real world solutions to increase overall maintenance productivity and reduce equipment downtime by making parts and technical documents available in seconds.

  • 4:30 – Magnolia Room


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